High Queen Ascelin

Queen of Henj and Solis


52 years old, born and bred in Solis, a small country to the north east of Henj, where she now rules.

Tall with smooth, thick black hair, worn up in elaborate styles. Frequents the eastern styles of her home kingdom in her dress and court styles. She is renowned for her dignified and stony wit, and takes no bullshit in her Court.

She is a great patron of the arts and a great fan of music. Her Court is never silent and frequently has musicians that travel with her. They are well paid for their efforts and they are granted honor wherever they travel.


She commissioned a new unit to be on call in the southern most principality of her kingdom, one that she could send in without calling military awareness. She appointed Tyr Ulvenn as the captain and his team was sent out of Court suddenly.

She has four heirs, High Prince Jai, Princess Anik, Prince Pratim, and Prince Komal.

High Queen Ascelin

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