About 6 feet tall, blue tinged skin (when she blushes it turns violet). She has long gray hair she wears in a braid. Her eyes are a very pale gray. She looks identical to her mother except for her color palette and her smile. She typically wears a doublet, rarely wears her armor (it communicates that she is here to fight, which she almost never is). She shares her mother’s crest of a leaping greyhound (#quick)

Matilda Quick, her mother, was a stern knight to the Dowager Queen. She was sent on a quest to retrieve… in the … forest. There she met a nymph and they conceived a child. Matilda did not bring the baby mama back with her. Marlowe was raised by her single mother with the help of handmaidens. She is 2 years older than the current queen (so 41).

Marlowe is a knight to the High Queen. Her sword, sworn to the Queen, was a gift from Matilda. That moment would have been the warmest encounter she ever had with her mother. Matilda is cold and businesslike. Always expected the best of Marlowe. Matilda would insist on Marlowe getting to know the princess she would serve, but disapprove of any silliness which would inevitably occur.

Marlowe would watch her mother observe her professionalism makes her an excellent knight however her bluntness and cold disposition makes her no friends. She served as the Captain of the Queen’s Guard for several years and was Queen Ascelin’s most trusted friend and had earned a high status in Court for her capabilities and her conflict management abilities. She was incredibly politically savvy. After being together for several years, Her Majesty had to travel back to her home country of Solis for her youngest sister’s wedding. She left Marlowe in Court to serve as a political head alongside King Obadiah for a month, and in that time she became astoundingly reputed for her tactical and socio-political knowledge. Upon Ascelin’s return, the Duke requested her presence in the War Counsel as a negotiator, and Ascelin had to say yes. A knight that traveled with her upon her return to Henj, Tyr, became the captain of her Guard. Within the court she is well liked by most, although some of the politicians think she’s untrustworthy- but they’d never say it out loud. She’s known for not only stopping political disagreements (allowing for the government to run efficiently) but also sniffing out and stopping corruption. This also makes her less liked among other politicians.


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