Tyr Ulvenn


Found in Wintershelf, sold to a farm family as a farmhand to parents just north of the border.
At 20, joined the Knights of the Merciful Sword, taken south over the border to Henj.
Trained under Sigfried of Exeter for 4 years, mean man, began working in the capital Kibunal and participated in runs around the capital, sent out on patrols.
Made a name for himself, taken into the city as a Lower city guard, worked his way up until:

He was promoted to the captain of the Queen’s Guard, and fell in love with Her Majesty, High Queen Acselin of Henj and Solis, beginning a torrid affair. They were found out by the Queen’s brother, Arch Duke William of Solis. He kept their secret to preserve his sister’s reputation and his own, but insisted that Tyr was sent away from Court.

Queen Acselin inducted him into the Order of the Black Thorn, her special unit, and sent him to the fortress Dolbadarn. He’s been there for 15 years.


Tyr Ulvenn

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